From the time that we were children, and we asked our moms or dads to watch us perform a feat, we have been searching for recognition. In life, we first seek recognition from people who we love in our families. Later, we seek recognition from our peers and our employees. Why is this such a fundamental part of humanity? We all want to feel like we are a part of something that is much larger than us.


As children, we want to feel like we are an important part of our family. With our peers, we want to feel like we are significant in our peer group, and at work, we want to feel like we give a valuable contribution to the workplace.


Why Recognition is Essential to a Healthy Workplace


The majority of adults in the Western world spend more time at work than they do anywhere else. Work is the place where we practice our career, make friends, eat lunch, drink coffee, laugh, talk and make connections. Any activity that takes up so much of our lives has to be fulfilling. A huge part of fulfillment is recognition. Whenever a person does something that is considerate, it is customary to say, “Thank you.” We do this in order to show gratefulness and appreciation. If a person does not thank us for something that we do, we feel like they did not deserve the kind act.


A similar sentiment occurs when we are at work. We want to be recognized when we do something good or when we reach a certain milestone. When we feel as if our achievements are not appreciated, it is easy to feel unappreciated or unhappy. When we feel like we are not recognized, we also feel as if we are doing our employer a favor and that the organization that we work for does not deserve us. When such feelings come about, we no longer feel like we have to give our all to our establishment, and we may even become sluggish at our work. Without recognition, there is little motivation.


Showing Recognition On The Job


In order for all employees to feel like they are valued, there has to be sincere effort put into showing recognition. These acts of appreciation need not be overly complex. It could be something as simple as giving employee of the month plaques or plaques with employee appreciation quotes. These are keepsakes that employees will always remember, and they will feel valued in an organization.


Quotes for Employee Appreciation


The innovative and unique the quotes in employee recognition plaques, the better. When employees receive a quote that is tailor-made for them, it makes it even more special. Here are some great ideas for quotes on the employee of the month plaques:

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  1. Your hard work is more appreciated than you know.
  2. We could not have made it without you.
  3. Where would we be without your diligent hard work.
  4. I thought I worked hard, then I met you.
  5. You are such a joy to have here.
  6. You brighten everyone’s day; keep up the positive spirit.
  7. Your work has not gone unnoticed.
  8. The company’s success is a direct result of your effort.
  9. You drive this company forward.
  10. Your work is essential.
  11. You are a star team member.
  12. If I were to sing your praises, I would lose my voice.
  13. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  14. So glad to have you aboard. We would sink without you.
  15. Never leave us; you are desperately needed.
  16. You keep exceeding expectations!
  17. You have been a dream employee.
  18. You inspire the whole team to greatness.
  19. You show up every day with your A-game.
  20. Your accomplishments are outstanding.


Recognition is the Key


Since recognition is a common desire of all human beings, it is a priority in a successful work environment. Members of leadership must carry the load of creating a culture of recognition. When this is done, all members of the team feel valued. The recognition has to be genuine, timely and appropriate for it to be relevant.

Everyone deserves commendation at times, so leadership has the task of finding the talent in all of the team. When we show our employees that they are recognized and valued, they will give their all, and they will be faithful to the organization. Recognition and appreciation really do matter.

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