Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It happens between the 8th of Dhu al-hijjah till 12th.


Hajj is an important occasion when Muslims gather to worship one God, Almighty Allah. It offers once in a year in the month of Dhu al-hijjah, which is the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar.


Muslims have to abide by the disciplines and rules in order to perform this essential religious ritual. For example, wearing Ihram is necessary to offer the Hajj.


It is the best demonstration of the solidarity of Muslims when everyone gathers to perform the same worship of Allah.


Importance of Hajj by Quran and Ahadith


The significance of the Hajj is visible in the Quran and Ahadith. There are several verses of the Quran and several Ahadith, which describes the utmost importance of the Hajj in precise worlds.


For example, Ibn Umar RA said,” Prophet Muhammad SAW said, Islam is on five pillars, give Shahada that there is no God but Allah Almighty and Muhammad SAW is the Prophet of Allah, offering prayer, Paying Zakah and performing Hajj and fasting in Ramadan. “


There are five pillars of Islam. Hajj is one of them. The significance of the Hajj is visible by this Hadith.


In the Quran, Allah says about Hajj,” The thing ridge of Safah and Marwah are among the ties of ) Hajj) imposed by Allah, one who offers Hajj or Umrah, makes no mistakes by traversing the distance if one does more work voluntarily, God is appreciative.”


Safah and Marwah are the two essential hills. The exciting story which is attributed to these hills is that the Wife of Prophet Abraham (May Allah be pleased upon him) took her son Ismail and came here. Ismail ( May Allah be pleased upon him) demanded water. Her mother went to search for water for his son. She left her son alone to search for water. That’s why she took both works to find the water and see Ismail. She circled seven times across Safah and Marwah. That is why we perform Sa’ee. The meaning of Sa’ee is to strive.

Hajj - Wikipedia

In another Hadith, Hazrat Abdullah ibn Masood narrated that Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Keep constantly doing Hajj and Umrah, as it will wipe out the poverty and sin just as the bawl removes impurities from Iron and Gold and Silver. “


According to this Ahadith, Hajj removes our sins, brings prosperity, and eliminate poverty. These are the blessing of God in regard to Hajj.


In the Quran, Allah says, “And declares to mankind the Hajj, and They will be here on foot and on the camel, they will be here from long distance to offer Hajj.”


Almighty Allah imposed Hajj on the Muslims. Now, it is the religious responsibility of the Muslims to perform the Hajj. One who has the capacity (financially or physically )must go to Hajj.


In a Hadith, Ibn Umer narrated, Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” one who do Jihad in the way of Allah and one who goes to offer Hajj and Umrah, they are both the guest of God, Allah.”


We should try our best to gain the rewards and blessing of Hajj. We should pray to Allah to award us with an opportunity to visit his house.


What are the steps of Hajj in order?


Islam is a perfect religion, which takes responsibility to guide us in individual as well as collective life. Similarly, it provides us full guidance on how to perform worship. Hajj is an essential responsibility in terms of religion.


Allah sent to us beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, which guided us on how to perform Hajj.


Muslims gather in the city of Makkah, Saudia Arabia to perform Hajj. The kabbah “ the house of Allah” is the important place where these rituals are performed.


It is the responsibility for every Muslim who is capable of (Financially and physically) to offer Hajj once in a life. According to the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW, those who die without doing Hajj despite having capability, we have no regret for his death whether he dies like a Jew or Christian.


This Hadith shows the importance of Hajj in clear words. Dhu al-hijjah is an essential 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The Hajj continues from 8th to 12th Dhu al-hijja.


It is the second-largest gathering of Muslims, whereas the first-largest gathering happens at Karbala, Iraq.


Prophet Abraham, by order of God, built the house of Allah.


Due to different school of thought, the process of offering Hajj made difficult, although it is a straightforward process. The need is to understand the process. Let us get to know about the steps.


Wearing the particular kind of Dress-Ihram


This is the first step of performing Hajj. Miqat which is the outer boundary of Makkah, it is necessary to wear Ihram before Miqat.


Ihram comprises two plain garments unstitched for men and a lose-fitting dress of the clothes of Ihram for women. Pilgrims wear Ihram on the 8th of Dhu-al Hijja.


There are other rules and regulation, which is necessary to follow, for example, not to indulge in any quarrel, prohibition of hunting and involving in sexual activity.


Traveling to Minah- A tent city


The first rite of Hajj is entering in Ihram. After entering Ihram from Miqat, Muslims set out for a journey to reach the tent city, which is 8 KM away.


The pilgrims will spend the full day in Mina. They do dhikr and recite the Quran. Learn Quran Online if you want to recite correctly then you should Join free Quran Classes on Quranforkids. In fact, this is a necessary step after which they have to set out. Commonly, the pilgrims spend the whole day in remembrance of Allah.


Spending the day at Arafat


It is one of the days of utmost importance not only regarding Hajj but important for ordinary Muslims. It is the place where the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW gave his last sermon.


The Muslims spend who day in offering the reverent prayers. The total journey from the tent city Mina is 14.4 KM.


Commonly, Muslims choose to fast on this day.


Staying in Muzdalifah


Staying in Muzdalifah is another important step in the offering of Hajj. Muslims move to Muzdalifah, which is 9 KM away. In Muzdalifah, Muslims spend the night under the sky. They collect pebbles here to stone the devil.


Throwing stones at the Pillars


Yawm-ul-hajj al-Akbar is the most dangerous and the longest day. Muslims celebrate Eid ul-Adha on the 10 of this month. It is the day of pleasure and happiness. The pilgrims have to start the day and set out to Minah again before dawn.


In the city of Tent-Minah, Pilgrims have to perform the first Rami in which they throw seven stones at the largest one(Jammarat).


The historical story for the stoning process is fascinating. Allah told Prophet Abraham to give the sacrifice of this son. Soon, the devil came and tried to misguide Abraham.


Prophet Abraham deplored the devil and threw stones at him to keep him away from misguiding. That is why the sunnah of the Prophet Abraham is acted upon.


Many pilgrims climbed up the Jammarat Bridge through which it becomes easy to stone.


They are several horrible stories at the occasion of Jammarat in the following years, where many pilgrims died every year due to miss- management on the part of pilgrims.


After throwing the stones, pilgrims get their head shaved and performs sacrifice of an animal. He or she can pay the price of the animal to sacrifice on their name.


It is the time when Ihram can be removed. Many pilgrims set out to Makkah to perform Tawaf and Sa’ee. It is necessary for doing Tawaf to circulate seven times Around Kabbah,” the house of Allah,” and also it is necessary for doing Sa’ee to circulate seven-time around Safah and Marwah.


Final Days


In the final days, Muslims once again throw stones symbolically on three pillars. Pilgrims have to spend two to three days in Mina.


This marks the end of the Hajj.


Some Pilgrims go to Madina, the second holiest city, where they perform visit of Holiest sites. People who visit from another country rather than Saudi Arab tend to visit and explore the city of Madina more and more.


How long does Hajj take to complete?


Hajj starts from the 8th of Dhu al-hijjah. It continues till 12 or 13th Dhu al-hijah.


On the 9th Dhu-al-hijjah, the Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, which is one of the important occasion brings happiness and joy in the life of Muslims.



Hajj is the second-largest gathering in the Muslims world. It is the blessings and awards winning occasion. The importance of the Hajj is clearly visible, particularly in Ahadith and the Quran. Allah forgives our sins regarding accepted Hajj. Allah made the promise of paradise regarding accepted Hajj.


It is, therefore, necessary to offer the Hajj according to its soul so that we can easily get forgiven of our sins and win the offering and rewards for us.


It is pertinent to mention that the people who have the capacity, instead of having capacity, they do not do Hajj. According to Hadith, if he or she dies, we have no regret for his or her death, whether he dies Christian or Jews.


We should seek refuge in Allah and should try to find the grace of Almighty Allah.

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Do you want to identify with your true self and keep up to the reputation that your zodiac tells you? Well worry not, because we at True Tellers are here to help with just that! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear accessories which compliment your zodiac personality? Well, you can now try some of these tips and tricks to help you look your personality!

1. Aries

Since you are considered to be the head of the zodiac family, and have a bold personality and a determined mind, you do not let people affect you. Which means that your dressing sense is unapologetically you. So to accessorize your looks, we suggest you try mixing colours specifically gold and silver to give yourself a daring look. A set of gold and silver rings, or chains would do you good. Mixing and matching colours like pink and red could give you a bold smart look too. Remember, everything about it should scream “BE YOU”!

2. Taurus

Your sign is a more relaxed and laid back kind, and you prefer comfort over everything else. So for your sign, stick to the basics. Blacks and whites, the original hoops, and if you feel that this is a little too much, studs and light necklaces will take you a long way.

3. Gemini

Your sign is energetic and adventurous, you cannot sit still for even a moment. You are curious, which means you love experimenting with jewellery and junk jewellery. Which is perfect, except that sometimes it could be a little too much. We suggest you go lighter than what you are used to. For example, if you want to wear big and heavy earrings, skip even that small pendant you want to wear. Or if your necklace is flashy, you should avoid any other accessory.

4. Cancer

Your sign is very sensitive and emotional. What you need is comfort jewellery, which means anything which is remotely related to nature. You are into floral prints, and to top it off we suggest the colour white, which could take you long. We also suggest you to   and hats, as well as simple gold necklaces to give your outfit a bit of a shimmer, and a timeless, classic appeal.

5. Leo

Your sign loves to be in the spotlight. You are passionate, carefree, and attract crowds. And to remain on the top of everyone around you, the style adopted by you is always updated. Your funky and vibrant colours are alluring, so for you we suggest chic belt bags, as well as charm bracelets. And of course, statement necklaces wil always be your thing!

6. Virgo

You love the details. Some people even call you a perfectionist who doesn’t know how to have fun. However, you just think practically, and are full of grace. So for you, we suggest small sized earrings which do not interrupt your day-to-day activities, as well as anklets. We also suggest you experiment with your nails, and wear colourful bangles with matching outfits.

7. Libra

You are in love with all things symmetry. Your sense of fashion is high-ended too. So we suggest you try silver jewellery, in the shapes of geometric figures. This will not only give you a weird sense of satisfaction, but will also fit in with your face structure.

8. Scorpio

Your sign is brave, resourceful yet extremely mysterious. So it becomes difficult to figure out what kind of jewellery would fit you. However, what you can try are gemstones set in big rings or as pendants. They bring out the mysterious side of your personality, and also give you a mystic appeal.

Sagittarius Horoscope for April 2020 - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

9. Sagittarius

Your sign loves comfort, and they also tend to be the most sporty amongst all other signs. So for you, fashion might not be that big of a deal. But for those of you who wish to adorne asscorries, we suggest you carry a solid coloured sling bag and top your outfit with a simple charm bracelet. It adds grace and elegance to your personality.

10. Capricorn

Your sense of ambition gives you very little time for dressing up. So you prefer anything comfortable which suits you. For you, versatile metallic jewellery which is practical will go best along with birthstones set into rings. Simple, sleek and no jhanjat!

11. Aquarius

You are a rebel at heart. You want to wear what you want, and that is what you do too! You have a high intellectual quota, and that is why you understand the world better than your peers. Which is also why you do not believe in following the ongoing trends, always wanting to stand out. We suggest you go for unconventional colours, which do not match with every item in the closet, like light green earrings and heavy neck pieces.

12. Pisces

You are extraordinary! Your creative mind always finds a way, and you hate repeating your outfits. Your style is very boho and chic, so long skirts and twisted braids suit you a lot. We suggest bandanas, and interesting hair bands to compliment your looks, along with long pendant necklaces as well as a whole bunch of rings on your hands.

We hope you enjoyed this small list of tips. If you liked this article and would like to read more, please visit our official website. Stay tuned!

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Many dog owners, despite their level of experience, do not know how to train and manage their dogs properly. Due to a lack of understanding about dog behaviour, dogs could become increasingly more aggressive as they grow older. Some dog owners don’t even realize that their pets are already showing signs of aggression as they simply see it as rough play.

This is where a residential dog training expert can help. By providing the training, tips and methods that today’s dog owners need, a professional dog trainer can make your pet less aggressive and a lot more manageable. If you have an aggressive dog, take the following steps:

4 Tips On Handling Aggressive Dogs

Talk To Your Vet- your veterinarian is an excellent resource on dog behaviour and he, or she, can help you manage your dog’s aggressiveness. Bring your dog to the vet for a medical examination as certain forms of aggressive behaviour could be caused by pain or discomfort.

Have Your Dog Neutered- typically, if your dog becomes more and more aggressive as he matures, it is probably time to neuter him. A neutered dog is much less aggressive and much easier to train than a dog that hasn’t been neutered.

Don’t Punish- instead of punishing your dog for its bad behaviour, praise him when he is good and acts accordingly around other dogs. Dogs don’t understand punishment and, sometimes, punishing them can make their aggressive behaviour worse as it could cause anxiety and fear.

Train Your Dog- look for the best residential dog training Manchester has available and start your dog in a dog training course. Even older dogs, especially those with aggression issues, can be trained to be much less aggressive and easier to manage. Training your dog to interact positively with other dogs, regardless of the breed, can make your pet owning experience a much more pleasant one.

Remember, you are responsible for the behaviour of your dog and you should never bring an aggressive dog to a park where he could attack other dogs or people. Instead, find residential dog training pet owners rely on when they need their dogs trained properly.

Contact Dog Trainer Manchester

To learn more dog training tips and advice, contact Dog Trainer Manchester today for the residential dog training  pet owners use for their pets.

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At A Glance:

Comfort Inn St. Petersburg North offers you comfortable accommodations that are conveniently located just off Interstate 275. The hotel’s vibrant guestrooms are fitted with modern amenities that make for an ideal base for exploring the city’s golf, fishing and water adventure venues.

Reserve your hotel room at Comfort Inn St. Petersburg North with Reservations.com

You Should Know:

  • Guestrooms are fitted with dark wood furniture that blends well with modern décor
  • In-room amenities include a flat-screen TV, coffeemaker, refrigerator, hairdryer and work desk
  • Onsite restaurant offers a free continental breakfast
  • Stay connected with complimentary WIFI
  • Business center and meeting room on hotel premises
  • Enjoy sunny Florida on the outdoor swimming pool
  • Work out at the fitness center
  • Free guest parking

Image result for https://www.reservations.com/hotel/comfort-inn-st-petersburg

In and Around:

  • Water adventures include sailing, fishing and kayaking
  • Indulge in delectable food and local produce at the weekly Farmer’s Market
  • Salvador Dali Museum boasts of an impressive architecture and art collection
  • Enjoy eco tours to the Sawgrass Lake Park
  • Set out on boating trips from the St Petersburg Pier
  • Fort De Soto offers an abundance of fishing opportunities


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At A Glance:

Take advantage of high-end amenities and cordial service at Glacier House Resort. Known for its unpretentious hospitality, the hotel never fails to impress with its wide range of leisure amenities, clean, well-appointed guestrooms, and free perks. As bonus, visitors have plenty of options for things to see and do nearby with property’s great location.

Reserve your hotel room at Glacier House Resort with Reservations.com

You Should Know:

  • Cabin-type accommodations with free Wi-Fi and private bathroom
  • Delightful American cooking at the onsite restaurant, The Gallery
  • A wealth of recreational amenities including an indoor pool, spa tub, and sauna
  • Well-appointed meeting rooms
  • Computer station comes ready with printer and Internet connection
  • Beautifully furnished lobby features a fireplace and comfortable sitting area
  • Well-landscaped picnic area
  • Complimentary ski shuttle

Guest Lobby

In and Around:

  • BC Interior Forestry Museum is just 3 miles from the hotel
  • A little over 2 kilometers to Revelstoke Dam Visitor Centre
  • Play a round of golf or two at Revelstoke Golf Club
  • View the historical pieces and artifacts at Revelstoke Railway Museum
  • Only minutes to Revelstoke Museum and Archives
  • Start the day right with a hearty buffet breakfast
  • Finish work using the onsite computer and free Wi-Fi


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Air conditioners are vital appliances and an essential part of life. They’re frequently used for 12 to 14 hours a day. Aircons bear a harsh environment in Singapore’s tropical climate – heat, humidity, dust, and long usage hours. Proper aircon servicing and maintenance is essential to keep the aircon functioning effectively, and efficiently.

Aircon service includes a general check-up for the components to detect faults or failures. Aircon parts and filters are cleaned during routine service.

Here is a detailed guide on what constitutes aircon servicing

air-conditioner-repair.jpg (600×450)

  • Cleaning: The aircon pumps a massive quantity of air every hour. Dust accumulation, moisture, and other particles clog critical components of the aircon.
  • Evaporator – This is the core component of the indoor unit. It cools the air by blowing it over chilled evaporator coils.

During an aircon service, the evaporator coil is cleaned using warm water. If the aircon smells, there may be mold near the coil. Chemical solutions are used to clean bacteria and mold growth. Coil cleaners help remove the dirt easily.

  • Condenser – This is the outdoor unit (also called compressor). Its coil exchanges heat with the surroundings. The coil can become clogged and make the system ineffective. This coil is washed with pressurized water and coil cleaning solution.
  • Filters – Your aircon may have many filters to remove fine particles from the air. These filters are removed and cleaned during service. If required, these filters are replaced periodically.
  • Drain pan and pipe – The drain pipe is flushed to remove any stuck dirt of debris. The drain pan is cleaned thoroughly. Chemicals may be used to remove bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Inspection: While aircon cleaning is necessary to keep the unit functioning, there are other inspections required to ensure that the unit is in proper condition. Professional aircon service personnel have a keen eye, and they can detect problems just by looking.
  • Refrigerant pressure – Aircons work by circulating refrigerant gas through the pipes and coils. Adequate pressure is necessary for the unit to function effectively. During service, if refrigerant pressure is low, you may have to get your system “recharged.” This involves pumping refrigerant into the system until the required pressure is reached.
  • Leaks – The condenser coil, compressor, piping, and the evaporator is a closed system having pressurized refrigerant. Even a minor leak can cause refrigerant to leak out. The technicians check this closed-loop for leaks.
  • Power consumption check – An aircon unit pulling power above the rated power may have issues with the compressor. Measuring power consumption is a preemptive check to prevent compressor failure. If there is a lack of refrigerant pressure, or the compressor is not working efficiently, it will consume higher power. It may also trip the circuit breaker or blow a fuse.
  • Cooling rate and temperature check – After service, the technicians often check for the temperature, flow, and cooling rate of the unit. After getting an aircon serviced, you can immediately notice the difference in the air temperature and how long it takes to get the surroundings to cool down. As the units get older, their efficiency and effectiveness decrease.

maintenance.jpg (846×515)

  • Visual Inspection: There are visual signs to look out for. If the outdoor unit vibrates, there may be an alignment issue, or the compressor might be faulty. If the aircon makes a hissing noise or a clicking noise, there may be some fault with the compressor or refrigerant. Continuous rumbling noise during operation is also a sign that warrant inspection.

Why get your aircon serviced periodically?

Aircons are complex systems. They lose 5% efficiency for every year they’re not serviced. Your aircon system will wear-out faster if not serviced and also consume higher electricity. Servicing prevents premature failure. You may save thousands of dollars in replacement parts and labor if you get your aircon serviced through professionals.

MCL Air-conditioning is one of the best providers of reliable aircon service and repair in Singapore. MCL undertakes simple and complex repair tasks for aircons at an economical price. They provide reliable aircon installation and aircon service in Singapore. All jobs are done professionally by well-trained technicians.

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Casinos offer a variety of games to entice everyone – and those who want to break the jackpot, and those who just want to spend a good night. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, it is important to know useful tricks that will help you to spend time in the casino with pleasure and get a bigger win. Some players will manage to break a big jackpot, but the overwhelming majority – no. In the long term, the casino will benefit, because this is how the games are arranged. However, in any game there are different strategic techniques that you can use to increase the chances of winning. Here are our main tips on playing casino for beginners.

Play for A Fixed Payout

With a fixed payout, there is more chance of winning than playing on progressive slot machine jackpots. Because of the huge number of people who want to win one big jackpot, your chances of winning a progressive slot machine are reduced. This also applies to the chances of smaller amounts. Compared to conventional automatic machines, video slots are paid much less; the difference reaches 5% of the refund amount. At first glance, it seems that these are trivia, but in fact it is a lot of money for slots.

Choose Games with The Lowest Jackpots

The smaller the jackpot, the easier it is to win and your chances of leaving the casino will increase accordingly. When visiting a casino, it’s important to remember that you will definitely lose some games. Regardless of how you are capable and experienced, the casino is in charge of the odds of winning. First, you must first determine how much money you can afford to spend in a casino, and take with you cash exactly this amount, no more. If you lost all the cash that you brought with you, leave. Then you will not expose yourself to financial risks just because of the evening at the casino.

Watch The Time

When entering the real casino, note that there are no clocks and windows in the room. Such institutions are designed to ensure that the player has lost track of time and played as long as possible. For the same reason, in some casinos the dealer is not allowed to wear a watch. In this regard, it makes sense to wait until you win some money, find out the time and leave. They are the simplest and popular type of gambling in the casino. For more you can opt for any site like i99pro.com now. For more information on this log on to sites like vegus24hr สมัคร.

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If you are about to start sports betting, then you should know that there are various important things that you will have to focus on. It is always necessary for you to go through the details that will allow you to manage things in the perfect way. There are plenty of important things that you will have to keep in mind so you can avoid all the problems that you are facing. Make sure that you are exploring your options and learning a few tips as well that will help you manage things in the right way.

There are plenty of important things that you need to focus on so you can come up with a great solution. We will be discussing a few important things that you will have to focus on so you can avoid all the issues later on. Let’s have a look at how you can manage things in the perfect way.

rsz_shutterstock_145623826-860x430.jpg (860×430)

Select the right sport

First of all, you will have to select the right sports. If you are not selecting the right sport, then you are making a huge mistake. It is always necessary for you to choose the sport that you love so you can make things easier and better for yourself. It is the right way to proceed so you can come up with a great solution. You can also check out winner99 to get some excellent sports betting tips so you can come up with a great solution. By selecting the best sport, you will be able to get started with online sports betting.

Know the odds

One of the most important things that you will have to focus on is the selection of the odds. Make sure that you are selecting excellent odds when starting sports betting. If you are not focusing on selecting the best odds, then you won’t be able to make things easier and better for yourself. It is the right way to proceed so you can manage things in the perfect way. Make sure that you are selecting the best odds when betting.

The-Advantages-of-Online-Casino-Games-1.jpg (1280×720)

Keep records of your betting

Another important thing that you will have to do is to keep records of your betting. If you are keeping records of your betting, then you will be able to manage things in the right way and you will be able to improve your betting style as well. It is the perfect way to proceed so you can manage things in the perfect way.

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In no uncertain terms and without taking a trip around the houses, here are three of the major reasons why a timeshare is a poor investment choice to make in 2016.

Nobody wants to Buy Timeshares

Ok, so it is not true that nobody wants to buy into timesharing. Some people do. In fact one person wants to buy a timeshare…for every 400 people who are desperate to sell a timeshare. To put this in even more perspective and to this time cited figures provided by the Telegraph Newspaper: an estimated quarter of a million British people out of the just over half a million Brits who own a timeshare are desperate to be rid.

As anyone who has paused to consider this reality will quickly release this situation does not make for a ‘buoyant market’. Hence, and for this reason alone, this is why timesharing is a poor investment choice.

To learn some of the reasons why the timeshare market is in 2016 so, well, dead in the water, keep reading. Meanwhile, for an idea of how much you can expect or hope to make on the potentially costly purchase of a timeshare, head over to the This is Money website where (for those who cannot wait) you will quickly discover that timeshares are these days struggling to sell for less than a quid in some circumstances.

Timeshares Depreciate in Value

Timeshare investment is quite possibly the biggest misnomer in the escape travel packages and possibly even any business industry. For the term ‘investment’ to be curately used a major component of the ‘thing’ it is used to name must be that said ‘thing’ offers at least some resale potential. And timeshares offer little to no resale potential.

Not only are you unlikely to even make back your original ‘investment’ amount, it is in fact far more likely that you will fail to be able to sell your timeshare at all. At best, a timeshare owner can cross their fingers that their timeshare ‘investment’ was mis-sold to them as in such cases (which can learn more about via the Timeshare Consumer Association website and via their article: Timeshare is Not a Financial Investment [Part 3] being mis-sold a timeshare renders your contract void, enabling ‘investors’ to escape unscathed, and in some instances even receive compensation to reimburse some of the annual fees they may have forked thousands out on already.

Timeshare Owners are Not Usually Property Owners for Owning a Timeshare

There are many misconceptions about timesharing. One which has led many to ‘invest’ in them is the idea of being able to afford to own your own holiday home or part of a second property.

To swiftly snuff out that romantic notion and put things straight, and in order to potentially save even more people from making what has proven for many already a catastrophic and ill informed decision it is important to know that timeshare owners through being such do not necessarily own any property or a stake in any bricks and mortar whatsoever.

Rather, many timeshare buyers pay to own a stake in the lease attached to a property, whilst the property itself remains entirely the belonging of the company or club from which the timeshare is purchased. Further, as leases are usually only sold to last up to a hundred years, this is yet another reason why timeshares depreciate in value; if you buy a timeshare with a fifty year less and sell ten years later, even if the demand for timeshares does not deplete at all during that time, the amount of time left on the lease will; hence, your ‘investment’ will be worth less than what you bought it for.

For more information about timesharing, a great place to head over to the Dave Ramsey Online Blog, where you can find the four minute read: The Truth About Timeshares. Whilst Dave is an American, Brits shouldn’t be put off taking heed of what he has to say as scammers, cons and time sharing works similarly in the US as in the UK. In fact, one of the few differences is that Americans lose their hard earned dollars whilst us Brits lose pounds sterling, and many of them in most cases.

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