Top 7 Tips to Market Your Home Improvement Business

About 58 per cent of the people are looking forward to remodelling their homes in the coming year. This means there will be a massive requirement for all kinds of professionals in the real estate segment. You may be the best in your field, but is that enough? As a service provider, you also need to put your services out there for people to see them. Putting your work out on the internet helps you get the visibility and connectivity you need to succeed in the market.

There are a couple of ways to ensure that you get the required attention. Here are a few tips to help you market your home improvement business.

1. Design a Website

The first thing you need to build as a service provider is to set up your website, which will have all the information about your work. Whether you are an architect, an interior designer, a real estate planner or something else, having a website will expose you to the internet like nothing else. You can then set up your profile, add your contact information and showcase your work.

A well-crafted website attracts and impresses your client even before they get in touch with you. It also adds to your credibility. It can be costly in the initial stages, but once your website starts picking up traffic, it’s worth every penny you invested. Another vital aspect to consider while building a website is to make the ‘contact us’ button easily visible. You can collect basic information like name, email id and contact number using a popup on your website. This helps in further building your email and message marketing campaigns. Once you are done with building a brilliant, professional-looking website, it’s time to start your marketing efforts.

2. Get reviews and Testimonials

Nothing build’s your credibility and brand images like an honest review and consumer testimonials. It’s a primary human tendency to verify something before trying it out yourself, and reviews come in handy. An honest review that talks about the details of your work, explains the interaction and shares result works far better than any assurance or commitments that you give.

Consumer testimonials in a video format make this process even better. It builds trust in your service and pushes people to choose you over any other. Wherever you get an opportunity to get a positive review or testimonial, you must grab it. It can then be used on social media, websites and professional listing sites.

3. Hire a Professional Photographer/videographer

You have done a substantial amount of work, and now it’s time to level up. In such cases, you should choose a professional to document your work. You can create different content like before & after, transformation and makeover videos etc.

A professional photographer beautifies your work to make it considerably better. So it’s always a good idea to level up your by creating professional-looking photos. These photos can also be used to enhance your social presence and website content.

We often hear people saying that this is the age of video content for all the good reasons, with the accessibility of YouTube, Instagram reels, Facebook videos and the ability to embed all of this on your website, a single piece of video content.

With the visibility that some of these formats provide, your video content’s reach has the potential to be seen by thousands of customers. So the next time you get an ambitious new project that you think is worth documenting, do not hesitate to invest some money in a good quality content production like video and photographs.

4. Set up an Email Marketing And SMS Marketing Campaign

Once you make your content game top-notch, it’s time to approach new clients to expand your business. Real estate email marketing is increasing exponentially after seeing promising results. Remember you added a pop-up on your website to collect information from the people who visit. This information can then create an integrated email marketing campaign for your service.

The best part about email marketing is that it can be automated. You can find cheap or even free tools to build your email marketing campaigns, and these tools can personalise your communication based on the motivation of your clients.

SMS marketing is also increasingly picking up in the real estate segment. With the heavy penetration of mobile phones, SMS is increasingly gaining popularity. Building SMS marketing campaigns are also extremely budget-friendly and efficient. So next time you are looking to grow your business, do consider real estate email marketing and SMS marketing.

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5. Up Your Social Media Game

Social media has occupied every industry today, and real estate is not an exception. After the emergence of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and youtube, the ability to grow your visibility and engagement has skyrocketed. In these times, real estate social media marketing can be very beneficial for your service. You have to create good quality content and put it on your social handles.

Real estate social media marketing has many benefits beyond just uploading your content. You can create specific content strategies to build a specific image and attract consumers. From infographics to showcasing your abilities and explaining your scope of work and fun engagement content, you can approach people in the way they like. So once you are ready with all the high-quality content and some quirky content ideas for social media, you should start making amazing content for your social media.

6. List Yourself on Professional Platforms

As a professional service provider, you should make sure you are available not just through your website but also across all the professional listing platforms.

Many marketplace websites provide a list of service providers. You can make a profile in a specialised sector. Create a professional profile under the real estate category for homemakers, interior designers or any field that you are working in. You can showcase your work and add your contact details there. Often, when people search for a specialised professional, they tend to visit these websites and an up to date professional page with all your work showcase and projects will make sure they choose you for their next requirement.

7. Showcase Your Work Wherever Possible

The most important thing is to broadcast your work in as many places as possible as a service provider. The more exposure you get, the better are the chances to get recognised a generate leads somewhere. Upload regularly on your Instagram stories and Whatsapp status. Make social media your place to share updates about your work and create as spontaneous content as possible. To build a top of the mind recall, you have to be consistent, and once that is achieved, people will come to you.

While there’s no one way of marketing your home improvement business, a couple of tips will surely help you grow bigger and better in this game. You should implement a step by step approach to get all the desired results.

Crafting a plan and improvising things to make them work is a sure way of marketing your homemaking business, and the tools available through digital marketing make it better

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