74% of the UK population has some kind of vision problem and needs corrective eyewear. People are either born with poor vision or they develop eyesight issues as they get older or due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

20/20 vision is helpful in all aspects of life, be it reading, driving or reading road signs. Those who don’t have it wear glasses to see the surroundings clearly.

A low vision is not the only reason that gets people to shop for glasses. Modern-day glasses are as much of a fashionable accessory as they are a medical device. The fashion enthusiasts like to don a pair of cool glasses as it makes them feel confident about themselves.

However, the high prices of prescription glasses at the brick and mortar shops act as a constraint from encouraging people to buy more than just one pair. Also, you will rarely find your favourite frame style in your preferred colour or design at your local shop.

The solution? People choose to buy cheap glasses online that have quality and variety. In case you want to save money on eyeglasses, you may also consider online shopping. Let us explain the process of buying prescription glasses online.

Choose an online store

To begin with, you first have to decide where you want to buy from. There are so many eyewear retailers online but not all of them will give you the best value for your money.

When choosing a retailer, make sure you go through their return policies, customer reviews, shipping cost and other services. To know if a particular frame will flatter your face or not, go for a company that has virtual try on service on its website.

Pick a frame style

Your glasses are more than just 2 lenses. Where the lenses help you see clearly, the frame brings fashion and style to the table.

Your frame should be contrasting to your facial form. For instance, if you have a round face, glasses with angles such as square or rectangular frames will take the attention away from your soft features. Ladies with a round face can go for cat-eye women’s glasses as this frame style flatters every woman.

And if you happen to have an angular face, round or circular frames will soften your strong jawline and sharp features. You can only look stylish with glasses if you balance your natural aesthetics with the aesthetic of the frame.

If you are a professional man who is looking for men’s glasses to wear in the office, go for neutral colours in rectangular or browline frames. You might as well go for rimless glasses as they don’t have a frame and are highly professional.

Have an up-to-date prescription

Once you have decided the frame style, now you need to enter your updated prescription so your optical lenses give you the best vision. When you get your eyes tested, the optometrist gives you a copy of your prescription. Enter the numbers carefully on the website along with other important information such as your facial measurements and pupillary distance.

You can take help from your old frames if they still fit you well. Most of the websites have a guide to measure your pupil distance so the center of your lens is in line with the center of your pupils.

Choose the lens coatings

In case you want any special coatings on your lenses to block some harmful lights, the coating needs to be added at the time of manufacturing the lenses. This is why you will have to choose these coatings at the time of placing your order.

In case your day involves a lot of computer work, don’t forget to get a blue light coating. If you wish, you can add a tint on your prescription glasses to give them the functionality of sunglasses.

Place your order

Since you have selected a frame, given your prescription and got your desired protective lens coatings, all there is left to do is to place your order. Make sure you re-check the information given by you one more time just so you won’t have to return your glasses due to wrong prescription or an ill-fitted frame.

Once you have gone through all the information, go ahead and place your order. If your prescription is complex, your glasses will take more than usual to get delivered to you.

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With advancement in technology, many people don’t want to go through the traditional invasive surgery procedures. There are so many options of non-invasive options that are available and have little to no recovery time. Research has shown that women spend more than an hour a day doing makeup only, including fake tanning, moisturizing, shaving, exfoliating, and such. Putting it into perspective, that’s two weeks spent on a beauty routine in a year.

Laser technology has brought about several non-invasive cosmetic procedures that will save you time and keep you from the traumatic experience in traditional surgery.

Following are some of the non-invasive go-to treatments available


You don’t have to fill in perfect eyebrows every day. You can choose to have semi-permanent brows in the form of a cosmetic tattoo.

Micro-balding is a highly advanced procedure that involves the use of fine needles to create natural-looking hair strokes. The technique is popular because of its natural results and the much time on daily makeup. It’s a two-hour procedure whose effects can last for over three years.

Neurotoxins injections

Botulinum toxin type A is a non-surgical temporary procedure that freezes muscles resulting in smoother fine lines and a youthful appearance. The injectables can be used on the face; hands, neckline, and décolletage to reduce wrinkles while smoothening the skin and minimizing the gummy smile appearance. This is a procedure that will cost up to $15 per unit, and you’ve little or no recovery time.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are injected in any part of your body where you need lifting. The result is smooth, plump, and ageless skin. This procedure is perfect in firming the skin and plumping it- thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, and fine lines. Depending on the type you choose, dermal fillers will cost $300 to $1000 per syringe.

That may look a bit expensive, but it’s a huge save on money and time compared to the anti-aging routines.

Chemical peels

This is a non-invasive anti-aging procedure where you gently strip away layers of dead skin, leaving you with a cleansed and blemish-free skin. It is a perfect alternative for other anti-aging treatments. The treatment will also reduce the signs of scars and aging. This procedure’s cost ranges from $600 to $900 depending on the type of chemical peel procedure done. The recovery time typically depends on the type of peel you have and will take almost a week for you to see results.

Laser hair removal

You can imagine how many hours women spend enduring the dull and painful hair removal moments. With laser hair removal technology from Sentient Lasers, women can breathe- those razors, epilators, and waxing strips are no longer useful. You can now opt for a permanent hair removal solution. It’s a painless procedure where hair follicles are blasted with laser light pulses, which inhibit the growth, leaving a smooth skin. The cost of the procedure will depend on the area being treated and the number of sessions. But typically, the prices will range from $150 to $500 per full session.

Before you decide to take a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, you must get advice from your doctor. That will ensure you get the perfect one for your skin and thus get desired results.

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