5 House Plants That Attract Positive Energy And Good Fortune

For years, house plants have provided benefits for wellness, health, and aesthetics. Besides being refreshing and zen pieces for your home, Feng Shui experts recommend a few house plants that attract good luck, fortune, balance, and positive energy. Here are five plants you might want to have to help you achieve your goals for 2021 and the next years.

Palm Trees

Palm trees are ornamental plants that give any room a tropical flair. They are also known to bring out missing Feng Shui elements in their area, making them attractors of good energy. Besides being lucky for your home, palm trees also help absorb dust from your carpets and surfaces.

Jade Plant

Also known as Money tree or plant, Jade plants are integral to Chinese culture as they are known to bring wealth, success, and positive energy. Many people place them in their home’s entrance as per Feng Shui experts’ advice; placing them in your doorway may quickly bring in good luck and fortune inside your house.

Jade plants are known for their round dark emerald leaves that resemble coins. If you want to rearrange your furniture or remodel your home based on Feng Shui principles, place your jade plants in your “wood” area where wooden textures and shades are suitable. For example, in some rooms of Pag-IBIG foreclosed properties, dark brown wall paint and hardwood floors could be suitable representations of the wood element. Likewise, their dark green leaves provide a beautiful contrast against the warm dark brown.

Lucky Chinese Bamboo

Perhaps the most notable of Feng Shui plants, Lucky Chinese Bamboo symbolizes wealth and luck. It is also said to bring harmony within the five elements–water, earth, fire, wood, and metal–fostering a healthy balance for you and your household. The structure of Lucky Chinese Bamboo also represents peace, love, health, and fortune, making them suitable for those who want greener pastures and opportunities in 2021.

According to the Bagua, lucky Chinese Bamboo is best placed on the south-east side of your home since that part is the nucleus of wealth. Another perk of having this plant in your home is low-maintenance, making it perfect for non-green thumbs and first-time house plant owners.


The lotus flower is another iconic plant in Chinese culture. They symbolize ultimate perfection and purity. Lotus plants are beneficial from their roots to petals, making them crucial to Chinese medicine and cuisine. Place lotus on your fish pond or fountains to encourage their healthy and beautiful growth. Your lotus should bring you health and harmony this 2021.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are popular indoor plants due to their low-maintenance and beautiful dark green leaves with light green edges. Many homeowners also keep them to help purify the air by absorbing harmful gases, toxins, allergens, and some viruses. Feng shui experts recommend keeping snake plants to absorb negative energy and bad luck.

Every year is a new slate for you to start fresh and grow towards wellness and your goals. This year, 2021, might also be the time for you to take care of indoor plants that benefit your welfare and plans for success and happiness. Introduce these five house plants and turn your home into a den of comfort, zen, and positive energy.

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