Nobody wants to deal with plumbing issues. It not only causes many troubles at home, but it’s also quite expensive.

True, on average, some plumbing expenses can cost about a hundred dollars. But, for unattended and severe plumbing problems, the price for repairs would sometimes rise to a thousand dollars! Without any doubt, it can ruin the household’s budget.

Are you wondering if there’s a chance to avoid such costly expenses when dealing with plumbing system issues? Of course, every problem has a solution and the plumbing company for the best electrical and plumbing services may have the quick fix you need.

Would you like to know how?

Well, here are five common plumbing questions and answers asked by homeowners. After you read through this, you’d know the difference between a plumbing system that’s in good condition and when something has broken down.


 #1 Where is the Water Shut-off Valve Located?


Water is always involved when it comes to plumbing. And the common question homeowners do ask is where the water shut-off valve is located?

These can be found within your home’s perimeter and most often placed underground. If your home has a basement, the valve will possibly be at eye level near the walls. You may want to check with your home’s previous inspection reports to know the precise location. 


#2 How Do I Unclog the Drain?


It’s the most common question connected to every plumbing trouble. When the drains are clogged, the reasons behind it are food chunks, hairs have blocked it, and even soap residue could lead to the problem.

Did you know that shampoos and soaps leave a residue that clings to other elements? 

To unclog the drain:

  • Choose a drain cleaner that’s enzyme-based to decrease any build-up from residue.
  • Avoid letting food chunks or hair down the drain.
  • Dispose of these correctly.


#3 What’s the Reason Behind Dripping Faucets?


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When a faucet drips, it usually means the valve seat’s washer or the O-ring is worn out or loose. At times, a corrosion issue is a culprit as it lets the water seep right into the valve’s seating. 

On the other hand, the pipe could be busted, or there’s too much pressure. 

These are the warning signs that mean it’s time to check the pipe or valve and call your plumber if you can’t fix it by yourself.


 #4 Can the Disposal Withstand Anything?


The answer is quite simple — no. 

The disposal is intended to ground up the food that you would generally consume. For stuff that is too hard or too fibrous, those need to go to the garbage bin.


#5 Is it Safe to Use Cloudy Water?


Tap water does present colour sometimes because of either bubbles or a change of temperature in the pipes. At times, sulphur, dirt, and other forms of particles are the problems. For these, installing water filters is cost-efficient.

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