When your tap water smells, then for sure you have a problem with your plumbing system. However, for you to be able to address the problem accurately, you need to figure out the reason behind the foul odour of your tap water. This article lists down some of the most common reasons why tap water exudes a bad odour.


Bleach or Chemical Odour


In case your tap water smells like bleach or chemicals, then it can be caused by chlorine. According to plumbing contractors Sydney wide, in this case, three different scenarios may happen. One is that chlorine that public water suppliers put into the water system to prevent any bacterial growth in your water source is too evident. Two is the shock chlorination of a well in case your water supply comes from this source, and three is the chlorine that interacts with the organic materials that have built up in your plumbing system.


Rotten Eggs


On the other hand, if your tap water smells like rotten eggs, then the culprit can be bacteria. In this case, the bacteria may grow from your drain or water heater, as well as in your main water source. If the bacteria growth is in your drain, you can flush and disinfect it using baking soda and vinegar. Conversely, bacteria growth in your water heater should be addressed by a professional plumber. In case the bacteria grow in your main water source, you need to get in touch with your water supply authority.


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Fishy Smell


Finally, if your tap smells like fish or earth, then it can be because of organic matter decaying in your drain or your pressure storage tank. It can also be because of the pollution of well water from your surface drainage. If the problem is with your drain, you will be able to address it with baking soda and vinegar. When the decaying matter is found in your pressure storage tank, you may need to clean it and make sure that it is routinely maintained moving forward. On the other hand, Sydney plumbers recommend installing an activated carbon filter or automatic chlorinator to address any pollution in the well water of your surface drainage.


Final Word


There are several reasons why you may encounter a foul smell from your tap water. This is a sure sign that there is a problem with your plumbing system. For this reason, make sure to call a seasoned plumber immediately to help you address the root cause of the problem and keep you and your family safe from sicknesses that can be acquired due to contaminated water.

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