Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Business

Are you looking for the best video conferencing software for your small business? While most video conferencing types of software are similar in many regards, small businesses have different requirements regarding features, set-up, pricing, and installation. As a small business owner, you would probably be interested in getting more of your virtual meetings on a limited budget. Video conferencing tools have become more affordable and accessible and make it easy to connect online on video calls and meetings. Here are popular video conferencing tools.




GoToMeeting is a mobile-friendly video conferencing tool. You can set up the app on your smartphone and start conferencing right away. GoToMeeting allows you to set and maximise the quality of your calls and images. The software offers you all the standard features and a limit of 150 participants with the basic plan—that is quite generous for small businesses. A higher business plan increases the number of participants to 250 and includes some admin features, drawing tools, and mouse sharing.

One obvious benefit of having Mobile Showrooms from is that your customer or subscription base will grow. With a greater number of individuals visiting your business at various times throughout the week, you increase your chances of earning new sales. This means you can grow your sales without increasing your personnel. With more individuals visiting your business, your chances of gaining new consumers rise.

GoToMeeting provides a fast, reliable, and easy way to conduct online meetings and is trusted by millions of people worldwide. Need to share presentations or chat with colleagues? That’s not a problem with GoToMeeting.


Google Meet


Goole Meet is an accessible and straightforward tool that is a part of the Google Workspace Office Productivity Platform. This video conferencing tool was developed specifically for business requirements and caters to many users simultaneously.

Google Meet makes it easier for you to work with external clients by providing a fantastic web app experience. That means you don’t have to download particular software to use this tool. Google Meet provides a dedicated dial-in number so that your employees can join in on a call from anywhere.


Zoom Meetings


Zoom Meetings is a video conferencing and messaging solution for mobile and desktop users. The software tool supports 1000 participants simultaneously and up to 49 videos on a single screen. You can save your meetings along with transcriptions locally or onto the cloud. Participants can work together and share their screens to provide their notes.

Zoom Meetings’ chat feature lets you share files, search history and has a ten-year archive. The video conferencing tool helps you bring teams together, so you can get more done in a secure video environment.

Zoom offers a lot of features in the free tier and supports multiple devices. However, free meetings are limited to 40 minutes. The entry-level tier is fantastic for mid-sized businesses, but if you need cloud-based recordings or longer meeting times, you can opt for the subscription tiers. The subscription tiers have added features like cloud recording and support up to 1000 participants. Zoom is a fantastic tool for small teams on tight budgets.




Need to make international calls? Skype allows you to make internet calls for free on any phone, with monthly and pay-as-you-go subscriptions. You can even use Skype in a web browser, which is great for chatting with people without installing it. You can invite them to join in using their email address.

Other features include a screen-sharing option to focus on whom you are speaking to, live subtitling of conversations, and chat recording.

 If your business demands video meetings with more people, then Skype for Business, a paid-for upgrade, supports chats with up to 250 participants. The Skype for Business option offers integration and much more robust security options as well.


Cisco Webex Meetings 


Cisco offers various plans for Webex Meetings. But the free version is good enough for small businesses and allows you to hold HD video meetings with up to 100 participants. Private chat rooms and screen sharing are some other features available.

When you sign up for a Cisco Webex Meeting account, you receive a personal URL. You can use it to manage all your meetings, access any recordings that you have made, and schedule video conferences.

When it comes to holding a video meeting, you can choose between a Webex Meetings app or website. Mobile apps are also available.

The free package offers 1 GB of cloud space. It also includes unlimited meetings that can go on for any length of time and the ability to make MP4 recordings of all your important business meetings.

Cisco has a reputation for providing high-quality web solutions, and you won’t be disappointed with its WebEx video conferencing. The solution scales up fantastically for mid-sized or large businesses, depending on your requirements and budget. If you would like to try the paid features, you can do so without providing a credit card for 14 days.




When choosing a video conferencing tool for your small business, consider choosing one that includes all the features you require. For example, easy-to-use interface, screen sharing, text chat capabilities, video conference recording, and cross-device compatibility. It’s a good idea to test these products with your team so that you can choose the best option with confidence. Please take advantage of the free trials or demos from the tools on our list. That way, you can be sure that you get the best deal for your money. As well as investing in a video conferencing tool for your small business, consider investing in business insurance to protect you and your small business. Get more information here.




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