Further Training for Teachers

Why ongoing continued professional development is important and how you can achieve more in your teaching career.

Teacher training shouldn’t stop at the doors of the university. Teaching is the kind of career you choose for the rewarding aspects, but that you have to work hard to stay good at. With technology and science evolving every year, there are breakthroughs in every subject, constantly. To stay fresh, upbeat, and relevant to their field, teachers need to refresh that training.

Further training for teachers is important to keep them motivated and to keep your establishment popular. We discuss this in more detail, below.

Why Continued Professional Development is Important in Teaching?

Whether you are a primary school teacher or a professor in a university, there are certain standards you need to maintain to remain an expert in your field of study. Academia is constantly changing, with new material and coursework created year on year. Teachers and schools which don’t stay ahead risk their reputations because of it.

Here in the UK, we have expected standards for schools and teachers. To maintain these standards, the UK government’s Department of Education perform mandatory inspections. Schools and staff must meet the exacting standards set out by UK gov in the national curriculum, or risk losing their status. Although continued professional development is often optional, it helps facilities pass inspections of employees. Having superbly knowledgeable teachers also helps maintain a reputation of excellence within the community.

How to Find Teacher Training Courses that Help

Obviously, a teacher’s training begins with their time in college or university. Here in the UK, teachers must work a probationary period before they are fully qualified. After they have their own students and their professional certification, they can engage in continued professional development through Education Training courses. Some CPD courses that might prove useful to your teachers are as follows.

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Wellbeing Training

This type of training teaches your educators how to manage their work-life balance better. Teachers with wellbeing training can regulate their own mental health to keep up with the high demands of the role. This type of course offers therapeutic insights, meditation and mindfulness advice, and stress management.

Subject Specific Courses

You might advice secondary school teachers, tutors, and professors to take refresher courses in their subject of choice. This can highlight areas of study they are not proficient in and help them learn new material. It also aids in understanding changes in coursework and teaching materials.

Education Compliance

Compliance is a major aspect of any field of education. If you don’t follow the rules as set out in the national curriculum, you are not doing your best by your students. Follow the rules by way of training your teaching staff in compliance. That way, you ensure you have multiple members of staff checking the rules at any given time.

Health and Safety

CPD wouldn’t be complete without health and safety training. It may be first aid, it may be fire safety, but the more ways your teachers have to protect their students, the better.

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