I am trying to put a NetSuite saved search together that shows only items that are not in a bin location. For this I am making an Item Search type…

I added Criteria:

Formula (Numeric) CASE WHEN {inventorylocation} = {binonhand.location} THEN 1 ELSE 0 END is 1


Location On Hand is not 0


Bin On Hand:On Hand is not 0

The Formula (Numeric) I used in my Results was:

NVL({locationquantityonhand},0)-(SUM/* comment */(NVL({binonhand.quantityonhand},0)) OVER(PARTITION BY {name}))

This formula does what I want it to do, but it still shows the 0 value lines, and you can’t use the sum function like this in the criteria. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions that will allow me to filter out the 0 return lines?

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