Whey protein is widely consumed by fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes all across the globe to boost muscle growth, recovery, and athletic and exercise performance. It comes in 3 forms- concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate, with the first two being the popular ones.


Whey protein isolate offers high protein content per scoop as it goes through rigorous filtration processes that get rid of lactose and fats and increase the protein content. This is why it is ideal for lactose intolerant individuals and those who want to lose weight or are following a cutting diet and routine.


In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the benefits of whey isolate and the best isolate products you can buy to fuel your fitness journey. So, read till the end.


Benefits of whey protein isolate


  • Boosts lean muscle growth: Since it offers higher protein content per serving, whey isolate is a great way of boosting lean muscle mass and reducing fat tissue.
  • Promotes weight loss: Whey isolate has little to no lactose and fats. It offers more protein and helps in keeping you satiated for longer periods of time, thus, promoting weight loss.
  • Ideal for people with lactose intolerance: If you are allergic to lactose, whey isolate is your best bet as it has almost no lactose content and gets digested easily without any digestive issues.
  • Fast digesting protein: Whey protein is known for its rapid absorption rate. Isolated whey gets absorbed by your body faster and gives great results, especially when consumed in a shake form.


Best isolate protein powders


1. Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation 93


This whey isolate powder is perfect for preventing muscle breakdown and build lean muscles. This supplement is packed with sweet whey, membrane filter, and spray friend by indirect heat to present a high-quality product that delivers great results. Each serving of this product delivers 30g protein to support lean muscle growth and enhance insulin activity. It is available in delectable Chocolate Fudge flavor. It is processed through a special micro-filtration process under very low temperatures.


2. ON (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Isolate


ON is a popular brand that offers quality whey supplements. This whey isolate powder by the brand offers 25g protein per serving to support muscle growth. It contains hydrolyzed whey protein isolates. It also fuels you with 5.5g BCAAs to support muscle recovery and prevent muscle breakdown. It is also packed with 4.3g of naturally-occurring glutamic acid and glutamine to boost recovery and performance.


3. MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Isolate


This isolate protein powder by MuscleBlaze is unflavored and offers you the flexibility of consumption. It offers whey isolate in its purest and rawest form without any added preservatives, additives, flavors, sweeteners, or any other harmful ingredients. It delivers 27g protein along with 5.9g BCAAs to support muscle growth and recovery post-workout. It helps in building lean muscle mass. Each pack comes with a protein test certificate by third-party NABL labs. You can use it in multiple recipes like cakes, pancakes, dosa, chocolate smoothie or shake, etc.


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4. Dymatize Iso- 100


Available in multiple delectable flavors, this protein powder is helpful in gaining lean muscle mass. It also helps in boosting your energy levels. This whey isolate powder offers 5.5g BCAAs to support faster muscle recovery post rigorous workout sessions. This product is a great choice if you want to build sturdy muscles and promote muscle repairing. It fuels you with enough protein required for building muscle volume and supporting growth.


5. My Protein Impact Whey Isolate


This is a high-quality protein powder that supports your training goals. It is extremely helpful in muscle growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It is a low-fat and low-carb isolate powder that gets absorbed at a faster rate. It helps in building lean muscles and is ideal for calorie conscious people. It offers 21g protein per serving with just 0.2g fats.


We hope that this article helped you understand the benefits of whey isolate and also help you with making a choice for the right isolate products. The whey isolate powders mentioned in this list are the ones that give the best results when combined with the right diet and workout routine.

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