10 Facts About Golden Retriever You Need To Know In

Golden Retrievers are the most popular among the dog breeds. Their good looks and loving nature ensure their popularity as family pets. But do you know the interesting unknown facts about Golden Retrievers? Read on as we list some unknown facts about this popular breed.


Ten Facts About Golden Retrievers


  • They are natives of Scotland. Golden Retrievers are a cross-breed originating from Tweed Water Spaniel and Yellow Flat Coated Retriever. They were bred by Lord Tweedmouth in 1864.
  • Golden Retrievers were originally meant as hunting dogs. They can tolerate pain very well. Golden Retrievers have the physique and energy required for hunting trips. They have an excellent sense of smell. All these qualities mean that Golden Retrievers work well as police dogs and hunting helpers.
  • Golden Retrievers have twin layer of furs which shed periodically. The internal layer keeps them warm. The external layer is waterproof. Their fur develops a stronger colour as they become older. You can predict the future fur colour of Golden Retriever pups by noticing the shade of the tip of his ears.
  • Golden Retrievers love a plunge in the water. They are excellent swimmers and enjoy a game of fetch in the pool. The large webbing in the middle of the toes and long-tail help them in swimming.
  • Golden Retrievers are superb treatment dogs. They are extremely obedient. They have a unique capability to offer unconditional love. Golden Retriever puppies can be easily trained. Golden Retrievers love the company of humans. Their empathetic nature makes them an ideal companion for kids and seniors. They take care of other animals like cats.
  • Golden Retrievers are foodies. They can eat anything. Dog owners have to be careful not to feed them too much food. Apart from the food, they will also eat toys, napkins, paper, and so on.
  • Golden Retrievers are a highly active breed. They do not like to laze around. They need their exercise in the form of games, hikes, swimming or any other activity. Golden Retrievers are inclined towards athletic activity and are quickly learn new skills.
  • They have tender mouths. Their mouths are capable of carrying delicate objects without damaging them.
  • They are forever young. Golden Retriever pups continue with their high-spirited behaviour well into their youth.
  • Golden Retrievers are among the brightest dog breeds. They rank 4th in the list of most intelligent dogs in the world.
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