Top things to do and see in Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek is widely known for being a Namibian delight. If you want to visit the country and see it in all of its glory, then checking out Windhoek is pretty much a must-have. Having a car is recommended, with a rental car you can more easily experience Windhoek on your own. Not only does it bring you all kinds of exciting adventures, but there are some cool places to see as well.

Christus Kircher

Christuskirche is a very interesting church with a neo-Romanesque architecture. It’s an imposing, outstanding landmark that everyone will recognize just because it’s so unique and different. You do want to check it out for yourself and you will find it extremely interesting, appealing and just exciting to look at. That alone is well worth the effort and it’s super exciting.

Namibia Craft Center

Namibia is a country known for its arts and crafts. Having access to the Namibia Craft Center where you can actually buy some of the local products is amazing. This place itself has more than 40 different shops, and you get to support local artists in the process.

National Botanic Garden of Namibia

At the National Botanic Garden of Namibia, you can find the local flora, and you also have a garden in its natural state. That alone makes it very different and interesting, exactly what a lot of people will appreciate and enjoy all the time.

Daan Viljoen Game Reserve

Being able to see all kinds of animals and exploring the region on a 4×4 vehicle or even a mountain bike is very cool. It’s one of those Namibian adventures that a lot of people need to try out, just because they are so interesting, fun and different at the same time. They are well worth it.

Alte Feste

The old fort is dedicated to the Namibian independence. You can learn a lot about the local history and you can see all kinds of artifacts and images from that era. It’s a great way to learn more about history in general and seeing artifacts from that time is really nice too.

Avis Dam Nature Reserve

At the Avis Dam Nature Reserve you can spot all kinds of birds, and it’s also a dam here that was built by the South African colonialists. It’s definitely a cool place to visit, people love it just because it’s so calm and peaceful.

National Art Gallery of Namibia

In case you love art, the National Art Gallery of Namibia is a very good pick. It’s not the largest gallery out there, but it’s definitely a cultural explosion. It looks amazing, it comes with a huge array of unique things and it’s also fun to browse too.

Windhoek is an extraordinary city and being able to visit it can be very exciting. Granted, browsing Windhoek on feet or with public transport systems can be a nightmare. That’s why we recommend you to rent a car in Windhoek. Choose the airport for pick up and compare prices before you book. You can find all options here: Car rentals Windhoek are very fast and convenient, and they will give the support and help you want. There is a few car rental companies that have offices in the city and at the airport. You can find an compare prices online before you go. It’s something that really takes things to new heights, and you will be amazed with the value as you visit the city!

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