Whether big or small, pests should not be underestimated in terms of the harm they cause. Even a tiny mosquito can be the culprit behind a high mortality rate among humans because of the deadly viruses and diseases they transmit through mere bites.

Flies, mosquitos, cockroaches and rodents (i.e. rats and mice) are among those pests popularly known for the danger they bring to people’s health. Unfortunately, removing these pests for good is not always easy. This is where professional pest control services come in handy. When it comes to effectively eradicating or killing bothersome and harmful pests, no one is more reliable than a licensed pest control expert. For instance, pest control methods like cockroach removal, rodent control, ant control, and termite treatment are things that only professionals can properly carry out without causing harm to other items and beneficial organisms.

Pests are indeed nuisances. There are pests who cause structural damages threatening the lifespan of our home or building while there are those that spread fatal diseases inflicting harm to both humans and animals.

People, therefore, need to understand why it is utterly important to get rid of these pests as soon as possible and prevent them from infesting our home ever again.

Here are reasons pests are truly a threat to human race:

1. They Transmit Viruses And Diseases.

This is obviously one thing that tells us why pests are deadly. Roaches, for instance, carry various bacteria (i.e. Salmonella Typhi). These resourceful critters would crawl and thrive on many environments including garbage areas, septic tanks, leaky pipes, bathroom, kitchen, and sewers where food debris and moisture are present. That’s why you never want them contaminating your food or home items. In fact, diseases like dysentery, polio, and typhoid fever are caused by viruses transmitted by cockroaches. Another pest that is also known to carry life-threatening viruses like the Dengue Virus and Nile Virus is the mosquito. Mosquitos flourish in areas where there is stagnant or standing water. Rats and mice, on the other hand, are the source of the deadly disease called Leptospirosis, while fleas are propagators of Lyme disease, a lethal illness that affects a person’s heart, joints, and nervous system.

2. They Attack.

When they feel that they or their nest is threatened, pests attack people or animals. This is especially true for insects like ants, bees, and wasps, whose fighting instinct is to bite or sting. Unfortunately, some people may suffer from serious infection due to pest bites and develop severe allergic reactions to stings and that is where the danger comes in. People should also bear in mind that parasites, pathogens, and diseases are transmitted through insect bites.

3. They Carry Allergens And Venom.

Another health hazard brought by pests is allergens. Having asthma symptoms, for instance, may be attributed to the unpleasant musky odor produced by cockroaches through their feces. Molted skins and droppings of pests and insects are some of the indoor allergens that trigger allergic reactions. The venomous stings from hornets, bees, and wasps can also be dangerous especially when left untreated.

4. They Damage Your Home.

Besides the danger they inflict to our health, pests can also damage the physical structure of our home thereby threatening the stability of the house’s foundation. Termites and carpenters are notorious for their ability to destroy a building’s structure especially wooden structure. About 600,000 households in America suffer from termite problems with homeowners spending as much as 5 billion dollars a year for termite damage. Mice and rats also damage home equipment because of their tendency to munch electrical wires, which may further lead to house fires.

These are the major reasons pests are considered deadly and dangerous. Pests can be poisonous and venomous. They can pollute or contaminate the home atmosphere and household items including our food and water. They pose a serious health risk because of the fatal diseases and viruses they transmit and spread. The grave dangers brought by pests give us enough reason to be more vigilant in our efforts to keep these pests away from our property and apply proper pest control methods. Let us also be wise enough to seek advice and assistance from pest control professionals for they are the only ones who are well-trained to thoroughly inspect our home and come up with a strategic plan to get rid of these deadly pests permanently.

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