He said I needed estrogen, maybe not progesterone, the opposite

You will find zero contraception standards – I wish to become pregnant and that i play with NFP anyways

In the event it blog post is actually right what makes my doctor suggesting me the fresh birth control pill (when he explained generally estrogen) to battle this dilemma? I am scared when deciding to take they due to exactly how terrible future off depo could have been. I’ve had a few of these facts stopping depo and you will so much more. I finally receive a health care provider that informed me exactly what the issue is at the very least (believe it or not your doctor that given me personally depo informed me there’s not a chance my symptoms was basically due to stopping it), however, I do not need to make one thing bad by firmly taking even significantly more estrogen.

Valerie, Area of fact, Canada hasn’t prohibited Depo Provera. It is still given, even when a lot less have a tendency to than a decade ago.

Thank you for revealing your own positive experience in Depo-Provera. You’re best that women are more inclined to share negative skills than just self-confident of these, however, because the composer of this article it’s disconcerting to help you read on week on week-with this blog post as well as the prior you to definitely I composed regarding the upcoming of Depo- just how many women have dilemmas playing with and you will stopping that it birth prevention. Read more: “He said I needed estrogen, maybe not progesterone, the opposite”

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