Merely philosophers can love education and you can realities, and only it recognize facts

Think, he states, a cave, in which men are chained in the dark and you can believe new tincture it discover on wall was reality, until included in this escapes towards the sunshine and you can observes the latest real community

Immediately following a religious festival, Socrates is actually invited toward house regarding a wealthy seller called Cephalus . Truth be told there, Socrates meets a dialogue with Cephalus, Polemarchus , Glaucon , Adeimantus , and Sophist Thrasymachus concerning the characteristics regarding fairness. Socrates in the near future shows you to definitely Cephalus and you will Polemarchus’ conception off fairness as telling the case and expenses what is actually owed was insufficient, and he additionally disproves Thrasymachus’s faith one to fairness is actually almost any is of all of the advantage to new healthier individual or someone. But Socrates doesn’t county what their own idea of fairness was. Rather, the guy offers to “create” a great area which can inform you fairness into a large level. Once they possess outlined a just urban area, Socrates believes, they shall be in a position to see fairness from inside the just one.

Socrates’ better urban area hinges on studies, specialty, and you can social structures that define relatives, behavior, and you may loyalty on urban sites de rencontres pour gens catholiques area. Each person usually focus on a specific profession, an occupation that is chose for them of the urban area created on the aptitudes and you may overall performance while the youngsters. Degree, particularly of guardians who’ll end up being the guards or troops plus rulers, is key into popularity of the metropolis. Imitative books in which the copywriter produces brand new voices of different letters, “imitating” people choices, are taboo. Read more: “Merely philosophers can love education and you can realities, and only it recognize facts”

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