Having a product she decrease within her haste gone back to the girl, Sunghye dropped in love initially

Inside the an ending up in three most other students Jungwoo really does maybe not want to do lookup. To make his cure for Youngmin’s university Jungwoo thinks the way it scents for example a great Seoul university. Contacting Jinkyung’s cellular phone, Jungwoo states he’s the person who spoke so you can Youngmin at the around noon and you can whether or not he’s alongside him now. Struggling to bypass every-where locate him, Jungwoo thinks he ought not to have come thus very early. Hearing one to Youngmin is getting washed out Jungwoo responds by screaming and swearing in the who only slapped him. Seizing new perpetrator’s dresses Jungwoo hears someone else as much as opinion whether he is the one Youngmin is doing enjokousai that have. Speechless during the reviews, as well as the latest people’s comments precisely how he can live including you to, and really should he perhaps not become embarrassed to his pupils, Jungwoo after that proceeds in order to punch the man exactly who slapped Youngmin in the the face.

With his sleeve removed of the Youngmin the guy responses where as long as they go, the guy made his face in this way in addition they need sue your or something like that. Affirming this is simply not okay whenever Youngmin claims it’s, Jungwoo is worried and chooses in order to hug your a couple of times. Having switched clothing that have him, Jungwoo holds Youngmin’s hand when he leads your away. Inquiring when the Youngmin wants him to consult with college or university, Jungwoo announces he will beat up visitors just who states some thing odd. Read more: “Having a product she decrease within her haste gone back to the girl, Sunghye dropped in love initially”

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